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An Erotic Life by Debora Myers

An Erotic Life by Debora Myers To keep our passion for life blazing we have to keep a proper perspective on how we view life’s challenges. This isn’t easy when the kids are screaming, the bills are over due and all we want to do is retreat. By balancing the different areas of our life [...]

Internet 101 – Cross Promotion What is it?

Sharing is Caring May 13, 2014 by deborajomyers   This article is in response to all the people that have said to me, “I’m not techy”, or I don’t know much about the Internet”, or who don’t know and simply ignore an email because they don’t understand it. Thought this would help the novices. When [...]

All My Relations

All My Relations by Debora Myers The purpose of Ladyfire is to offer the key tools needed to empower people to reach their highest potentials in love as humans. Find that which makes you alive inside. Let your fire burn steady and long.   Look fear in the face. Walk into that fear and you’ll [...]