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An Erotic Life by Debora Myers

An Erotic Life
by Debora Myers
To keep our passion for life blazing we have to keep a proper perspective on how we view life’s challenges. This isn’t easy when the kids are screaming, the bills are over due and all we want to do is retreat. By balancing the different areas of our life responsibilities with rest, fun and personal growth we can become a whole and impassioned person by taking one step at a time.
“At the end of the 20th century we seek hungrily for sexual satisfaction, but we don’t give much attention to eros in the whole of life. Our craving never seems satisfied, or if it is, it may be temporary and not connected with the rest of life. Some work all day drudgingly at a computer and come home to watch a sexy movie on cable television. In their lives eros and work belong to separate categories. Thinking literally and negatively about erotic life, we don’t give eros a place of honor among our values, and yet at the same time we are overwhelmed by our desires and by our basic but misunderstood appetites.” The Soul of Sex, Thomas Moore, Copyright 1998, HarperCollins
In Greek mythology Eros was the son of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. The term eros represents the creative force of highly spiritual, sexual yearning or love. C.G. Jung said, “people think that eros is sex, but not at all, eros is relatedness.” Eros represents the spiritual, emotional and the physical aspects of sex combined. It is the intense bond created by the involved couples. Plato writes: “Eros is a coming to life in beauty in relation to both body and soul.”
How we inspire ourselves to be in love with life will vary from person to person. What is it that you have always desired to do and be but thought was out of your reach? Visualize what it is you want to create in your life then take the physical measures needed to put your desires into motion. What is it that you always felt passionately about? By learning how to incorporate the things we love and feel strongly about into our lives we develop a love for what we are doing and in turn learn to love ourselves for being true to our hearts and our intrinsic natures.
“The new and playful eros means that impulses and modes from other spheres enter the relationship between men and women.” Herbert Gold
Eastern Philosophies recognize this sacred life force which increases in strength in response to sexual arousal, extreme emotions and flight or fight responses. Kundalini is the eastern term for this mystical-life -force which when awakened can lead us beyond inner turmoil toward happier and healthier lives.
“Shiva, the patron saint of Hindu Tantrism, once observed “By practice, even without understanding, it will be made plain; your body will understand it long before your mind puts words to it. No amount of understanding without practice will work. It is not necessary that knowledge precede experience. Performance will produce knowledge.” Sexual Energy Ecstacy by David and Ellen Ramsdale copy right 1985, Peak Skill Publishing
There are many exercise programs designed to awaken this life energy. Tantra Yoga, Dance, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, meditation, swimming, hiking and biking can all help us tune into our higher selves and get in touch with the nature of our sexual energy and erotic potentials.
Enjoy the world around you for what it is. Slow down and, take time to smell the roses, to enjoy nature and follow your hearts desire. Incorporate balance into your life. All work and no play means a pretty dull and boring life. Nurture the points in yourself that you want to grow. We all are expressions of the higher force. Recognize your higher potential and build from there. Sex is the most powerfully and moving creative “life” force on earth. Tap into your dynamic possibilities, work on incorporating your sexuality into every aspect of your existence and you will live a full and sensual life.
Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved. Debora Myers
This article is written by Debora Myers, Editor-In-Chief of Ladyfire, the award-winning community for modern women.


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